Ctrl Alt Shift podcast - Climate Change Mon, 2011-05-23 00:26

Episode 2 is all about Climate Change and the environment. What consequences is climate change already causing around the world? What can we do about it post the ? Copenhagen cop out?? And what can we do as campaigners to stop climate change causing more problems?
Including music from Joe Driscoll (http://joedriscoll.net/) and Fela Kuti (http://www.felaproject.net/), spoken word from Inua Ellams (phaze05.com) and discussion from Laura Trevelyan (Christian Aid), Dan Glass (Plane Stupid) and Hannah Smith (UKYCC).
Also featuring Silkwords (http://ccmixter.org/people/Silkwords) and Teru (http://ccmixter.org/people/teru), David Cameron, Mahesh Pandya, Demosthenes Raynera and Dwijen Mallick, Amy Hall and Eva Baker
Produced by Chris Mead , Amy Hall and the Ctrl.Alt.Shift team.