Corporate Accountability and Limited Liability (CALL) - House of Commons Wed, 2014-03-19 15:11

This event was held on 4 December, 2013, and was organised by the Corporate Accountability and Limited Liability group at the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy at SOAS, University of London.

This is the second event in a series of Parliamentary debates chaired by Lord Phillips of Sudbury OBE, and aimed at bringing together a wide range of panellists and audience members to discuss the issue of limited liability. The first event on ?Shareholder accountability and a fairer economy? took place on June 2013.

The panellists for this event are:
— Dr Dan Plesch (Director, CISD, SOAS, University of London)
— Professor Andre Spicer (Professor of Organisational Behaviour, CASS Business School)
— Vijay Ganapathy (Solicitor, Leigh Day)
— Suzy Hall (Unfairpak) TBC