Consent Vent - Episode 5 - Can Sexual Violence Be Prevented? Tue, 2019-05-28 11:39

This is episode 5 of SOAS Radio’s 10-part series Consent Vent.

In this episode we spoke to Juliet Grayson, pyschosexual therapist and founder of STOPSO a charity that offers therapy and counselling to convicted and potential sexual offenders. We spoke to her about her work with STOPSO, what makes someone become a sex offender as well as how she thinks our criminal justice system can be reformed to prevent sexual violence.

You can find out more about the work of STOPSO and donate at ⇨ ⇦
Other organisations mentioned in the episode were;
⇨Circles of Support and Accountability, who recruit volunteers to help people who have caused sexual harm to take accountability for their actions. ⇦
⇨The Lucy Faithfull Foundation, who work to educate organisations in order to prevent sexual violence towards children ⇦
⇨ Stop It Now, who are a child sexual abuse prevention campaign and helpline run by the Lucy Faithfull Foundation ⇦

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Featuring Paul Whittaker and Saarah Ahmed.

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