Class 15 - Otaku Culture and Cosplay Around the World Fri, 2015-10-30 14:59

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Class 15 ? Otaku Culture and Cosplay Around the World

Nowadays otaku culture is far from being the niche phenomenon it used to be. Japan?s pop culture?s popularity has reached global recognition and its aficionados?s spread goes well beyond Japanese borders. Therefore, dedicated conventions keep on popping up all over the world and fans both share common characteristics and develop their unique ways of experiencing what being an otaku means. SOAS-SOAS?s crew has gathered one of the most diverse, multicultural and numerous roundtable so far to debate how otaku are perceived in various countries and to discuss how ComiCons are consequently enjoyed and organised.

Cosplay comes back once again under our professors? lens as the quintessence of conventions, this time with in depth details about how cosplay competitions work. Plus, your professor Anthea had the honour to meet (more than once!) one of Japan?s most prolific and talented video game producers: Hideo Baba! He has been travelling around European ComiCons to promote the Tales of franchise and kindly sent a message to our listeners!

This week?s music choice is ” Moonlight Densetsu” by Dali, first opening of the anime classic Sailor Moon

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Viva Namida – Yasuyuki Okamura from Space Dandy OST

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