Class 12 - It's a Matter of Opinion: Treasure and Garbage Sat, 2015-06-06 14:56

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Class 12 – It’s a Matter of Opinion: Treasure and Garbage

When it come to judging it’s always difficult to distinguish between our subjective point of view and the objectiveness of facts. The path to an impartial perspective is studded with the traps of our biased criteria.
That’s why they say that “someone’s trash is another’s treasure”, right?
Sometimes we have to admit that maybe our favourite title is not objectively that good, while a praised work with top grades could not be our genre at all even if we reckon its factual value.
In this week’s class Kash, Anthea, Rice and Eran confess what their guilty pleasure anime are and say out loud what they cannot help but think about those series that, although being surely masterpieces, they don’t really appreciate that much. Time to speak the truth, pupils!

This week?s music choice is “The Entertainer”, by Scott Joplin

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Opening Theme:
Viva Namida – Yasuyuki Okamura from Space Dandy OST

This Week?s Anime List:
Death note
Kokoro connect
Monogatari series
Nodame Cantabile
La Corda D?Oro
School Days
Sket Dance
Yakitake Japan

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