Class 1: To Be an Otaku and Cosplay Fri, 2014-03-28 11:11

Sit down with Anthea, Jeanne, Kash and Rice in the first ever ?class? of this School of Otaku and Anime Studies course as they get philosophical about what it means to be an otaku, the art of cosplaying and how they were introduced to the world of anime.

This week?s music choice is ?Puzzle? by Round Table featuring Nino, from the anime Welcome to the NHK.

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Opening Theme:
Viva Namida – Yasuyuki Okamura from Space Dandy OST

This Week’s Anime List:
1. Evangelion
2. Shingeiko no Kyojin
3. Free!
4. Inuyasha
5. Ninja Robots
6. Voltron
7. Rurouni Kenshin
8. One Piece
9. Slam Dunk
10. Doraemon
11. Naruto
12. Welcome to the NHK

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