CLAPBACK Episode 3 - Interview with Kinsi Adbdulleh and Hafsa of Numbi Arts Collective Wed, 2017-10-18 18:13

In this episode I’ll be interviewing Founder of Numbi of Numbi Arts Collective,  Kinsi Abdulleh and designer Hasfa Yusef.  Numbi is a collaborative project that platforms young artists, using local and global perspectives in garnering wellness, creativity and a sense of community for everyone “artists, art-lovers, creatives and dreamers of all stripes”. We will be discussing the great work Numbi are doing amongst Somali communities in the London and how this framework is applied in a global African context through healing methods and lived culture.


At the moment Numbi are currently recruiting volunteers to participate in their upcoming exhibition “Coming Here: Being Here”, a community based arts project archiving the heritage of Somali Communities in Tower Hamlets. Numbi are specifically looking for young volunteers from Tower Hamlets so please get involved!!!!!!

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