Clapback Episode 7 | Sankara the play @ Cockpit Theatre | 20th March -14th April Fri, 2018-03-23 09:54

Who remembers Thomas Sankara? Often referred to as the African Che Guevara, Thomas Sankara is one of the most forgotten African leaders in the 20th century. A feminist, activist and revolutionary, Thomas Sankara led Burkina Faso from the hands of French colonisers, to the land of the ‘upright people’. Although he was assassinated by his close comrade in 1987, Sankara told the world that you cannot kill ideas. Aleema and Hodan caught up with the writer, director and cast of the biographical play ‘Sankara’ to discuss the significance of his 3 year presidency and how theatre can be used to implement changes.

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Sankara will be showing at the Cockpit, London 20th March – 14th April. RSVP here:
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Writer and Director:
Ricky Dujany

Thomas Sankara – Ike Chuks
Blaise Compaore – Chris Machari
Mariam Sankara/Felix Boigny – Shereener Browne
Chantal Compaore – Cherice Mckenzie-cook
Henri Zongo – Yinka Awoni
Jean Lingani/Charles Taylor – Clovis Kasanda
Francois Mitterrand/Jacques Focart – Rufus Graham
Dennis Brown – Revolution
Fela Kuti – Colonial Mentality
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