CISD Lunchtime Sessions: The Indian Caste System - What's Next? Mon, 2017-01-23 20:44

At CISD we benefit from wonderful lectures, but our students themselves can also offer unique perspectives. We have a top UK research library, but our students themselves also have thousands of fascinating stories. We have a world-famous language centre, but our student body represents hundreds of languages and cultures from around the world. We read articles and chapters analysing events, conflicts and historical moments, but how many have our classmates lived through?

Our greatest resource is our most untapped: ourselves. CISD students have done and lived through incredible things. Let’s learn about each other’s experiences!

In this week’s talk, Nikhil Dasari, MA student at the Centre, spoke about the caste system in India, punctuated with insights and anecdotes based on his own personal experience of the topic.

In the hour-long session, Nikhil covered the history of the caste system, its intersection with India’s colonial period, and its myriad societal impacts in the present day. This then gave way to a stimulating discussion based around questions from an audience made up of our CISD classmates, as well as students from other institutions with an interest in the subject.

For those who would like to continue their journey of discovery of the complex topic of the caste system in India, our Session today also ended with the recommendation of the documentary entitled ‘India Untouched: Stories of a People Apart (2007)’.