CISD: H.E. Ambassador Abdul Minty on politics in South Africa Sun, 2017-11-26 17:12

In the first of the “Ambassador in Residence Discussion Series 2017” H.E. Ambassador Abdul Minty speaks about Recent Political Developments in South Africa.

H.E. Ambassador Abdul Samad Minty (retired) Permanent Representative of South Africa to the United Nations Office at Geneva, Deputy Director General South African Department of International Relations. Honorary Secretary – British Anti-Apartheid Movement, London: 1962 -1995. As an activist, Abdul Minty was a leading figure in the Anti Apartheid Movement from the 1960s to the 1990s. As a government official he has played a leading role in South Africa’s emergence as a global player – particularly in nuclear disarmament.  Ambassador Minty has written extensively for the United Nations and various anti-apartheid and solidarity movements on topics related to the fight against apartheid, human rights, disarmament and the arms embargo against South Africa.

He speaks with Dr. Avinash Paliwal, lecturer in Diplomacy and Public Policy at the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy (CISD), and author of My Enemy’s Enemy, detailing India’s role in Afghanistan from the Soviet invasion to the U.S withdrawal.

Recorded on 6 November 2017.

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