Asma Jahangir; a long serving Pakistani Human Rights activist and lawyer on the Political situation in Pakistan Mon, 2012-04-16 22:10

The current political environment in Pakistan and the role of legal fraternity

On the 6th of February 2012 the long serving human rights activist, Ms Asma Jahangir, talked on the current political situation of Pakistan and the role of the legal fraternity within Pakistan.

Ms Asma Jahangir was the President of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) Pakistan, a long-serving human rights activist, as well as being one of Pakistan?s leading lawyers, advocating at the Supreme Court of Pakistan. She works both, in Pakistan and internationally, to prevent the persecution of religious minorities, women, and the exploitation of children.

Ms Jahangir was the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief from August 2004 to July 2010 (first attached to the former Commission on Human Rights, now to the Human Rights Council). Previously, she served as the UN Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Arbitrary and Summary Executions. She is also chairperson of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP).

This event was organised by the SOAS Pakistan Society and supported by CISD.