Angus Graham: A Profile Thu, 2010-02-25 09:03

To mark the inaugural AC Graham Memorial Lecture, presents a profile of Angus Charles Graham.

Hear from his daughter, Dawn Graham-Baker; Professor Henry Rosemont; Professor Hal Roth, Professor Roger Ames; Professor Carine Defoort,
Professor Christoph Harbsmeier, Professor Robert E Gassmann; and Dr Lars Laaman.

Some quotes from our interviewees:

“The old adage is Confucian scholars would read Confucius on top of their desks and Zhuangzi, Taosit, rather eclectic underneath”: Lars Laaman.

This sensibility is charmingly portrayed in this video:

“We would just go on into the night… my time with him in 1979 was wonderful, we would do Chinese all morning, do philosophy all afternoon and just walk the streets of London and talk and eat and drink and talk about everything in the evening”: Henry Rosemont. This spirit was resurrected during the 2010 A C Graham Memorial Lecture series.

The music included Ketawang Pusparwana, tabuh gari, the monks of the Baiyunguan temple in Beijing, David Byrne, and Chu-chin-Chow by Michael Collins.

Our tee-riffic grad student was Daniel Eng.

The World War II siren sound came from Guitarguy1985 on the freesound Project.

This programme may seem to challenge the standard grammar of speech radio. As someone interested in Angus Graham, I’m sure you’ll appreciate that.

AC Graham’s works in the SOAS Library.