African Development Forum 2013: Panel 1 Mon, 2013-04-29 17:38

The second African Development Forum (ADF) took place on 16 April 2013 at SOAS. The student-run ADF 2013 was entitled ‘Africa’s Next Generation: A Bright Future?’ and attracted an audience of almost 300 people. Focussing on harnessing the potential of Africa?s young people for the continent’s development, the Forum consisted of two interactive panel discussions.

Panel I dealt with ?Mobilising Youth? and featured the following speakers:

Lanre Akinola ? Editor of the Financial Times specialist publication This is Africa.
Yasmin Al Gharbawie ? Legal director at Microsoft Egypt and founding member of the political group Almasry Alhurr.
Amina Adewusi ? Africa investment analyst at CDC and co-founder of Africa Women?s Circle.

The panel tackled the following questions:

Diaspora: What impact will the ?brain gain? have on African development?
Leadership: Will the young replace the old and inspire real change in African politics?
Employment: How will the continent employ 350 million young Africans?

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