Africa Regional Spotlights - Politics and Music in Senegal Tue, 2012-02-21 03:41

In part II of this two-part special on 2012 Elections in Africa, our producers interview Senegalese artists and activists who discuss the political forecast for heavily contested presidential elections scheduled on February 26, 2012. There has been an uproar about standing President Abdoulaye Wade, 85, seeking a third term even though he initially promised to step down after his second term. The bulk of the opposition voices have been young men, with a politicised musical movement gaining momentum in poor communities throughout the country. Their message? They want change, and they want it NOW.

Our host Robtel Pailey evaluates the intersection between politics and music in the country with a vibrant artistic history. Beyond its stature as an artistic haven, Senegal has been a relative oasis of peace in the West African sub-region, that is, until now.

Our featured musician is Beuz MC singing ‘Fou Rewmi Dieum’. Watch the video here:

Executive Producer: Zoe Glatt
Associate Producers: Anna De Mutiis, Maya Chantal Hautefeuille, Jardyn Lake, and Aminat Agoro
Translator: Ernest Harris