Africa Regional Spotlights - Getting Somalia Right: Part I Fri, 2012-03-16 15:43

A country geographically located in the Eastern Horn of Africa, Somalia has been lodged in the international imagination as a failed state since 1991. But there?s another side of the country that we don?t hear about.

During part I of this two-part special, our presenter Robtel Pailey deconstructs and dissects the conventional story told about Somalia with our studio guests: Quman Jibril, a Somali independent research consultant who has a special interest in international refugee protection and advocacy; Mary Harper, BBC Africa Editor and author of the new book, Getting Somalia Wrong? published by Zed Books; and Mohamed Haji Ingiriis, a Somali researcher currently pursuing a Masters degree at the London Metropolitan University. We also hear from London-based Somalis and Dr. Laura Hammond, Somalia expert at SOAS.

Our featured musician is Somali artist Aar Maanta.

Executive Producer: Zo? Glatt

Associate Producer: Nimo Ali