#7 Labeeba: The Female Shawisha - ENGLISH Thu, 2019-03-21 17:45

Today’s podcast is an interview with a female Shawisha named Labeeba. The word Shawish – a masculine word in Arabic- was traditionally used to refer to men who managed migrant labor in Lebanon. However, since the start of the Syrian war and influx of Syrian refugees in Lebanon, the word is now used to refer to the person nominated to act as a leader for each camp. Most Shawish are men and often rule the camp to their own advantage, taking a cut of peoples rent, syphoning off aid and controlling where people work. However, just off the main highway that runs from Tripoli to Tartous is a camp run by a woman. In this podcast, Labeeba tells us what it is like to be a woman leader of the camp.

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