1st International Bagpipe Conference - Olle Gallmo - On the origin of the screeches, The evolution of the Swedish bagpipe Wed, 2013-03-27 20:27


On the origin of the screeches
The evolution of the Swedish bagpipe

Olle Gallmo

The Swedish, or to be more accurate, Dalecarlian, bagpipe was rediscovered in 1939 during an evacuation of the Nordic Museum’s collections in Stockholm. The revival was slow at first, but gained speed in the 1980’s and the bagpipe has since then, again, become an established instrument in Swedish traditional music.
This talk describes the instrument and its development over the years since the revival started, with comparisons to the historical 19th century instruments. The talk also briefly presents some different theories on the instrument’s origin.
It is not known how the Dalecarlian bagpipe came to Sweden, but given its construction and since Sweden throughout its history has waged many wars in Eastern Europe, all the way down to Turkey, the idea is likely to have been brought home by returning soldiers. However, there are some indications, both historical and organological, pointing to West European influences as well.