A World in London 263 - Djanan Turan

We were joined by our live guest, Djanan Turan, who us about her support work with Middle Eastern refugee children in Turkey. She also treated us to a couple of live songs, accompanied by the sensitive playing of Fred, her guitarist/musical partner. Originating from Adana, south Anatolia,...Read more..

A World In London 224 - Srdjan Beronja

Drum disciple Srjdan Beronja on this A World in London! Ethnomusicologist, composer, and percussion maestro Srdjan Beronja released his superb second album Sounds of The East via ARC Music in February. Its fluidity is reflected in the eloquence of its creator and the album tracks are not simply...Read more..

AWIL - 306 - Global New Music

Sizzling summer sounds on this A World in London! Click here: https://soasradio.org/music/episodes/awil-306-sizzling-summer Scorching hot new global CDs reviewed by artist Alban Low, Norman Druker and DJ Ritu including fresh albums by Senegal’s Youssou N’Dour, Pink Martini’s Thomas...Read more..

A World in London 301 - nu global!

A kaleidoscope of new global music on this A World in London – previewed by Norman Druker & DJ Ritu! Read more..

AWIL 290 - Winter summer music

Lucas Keen & DJ Ritu explore a global warming mix of CDs during the UK’s Winter-Summer on this A World in London!Read more..

Norman Druker & DJ Ritu peruse the best new global music offerings for 2019, including CDs by Dub Colossus, Kel Assouf, and Zaz! Plus there’s the essential Goin’ Global Gigs Guide to Londontown! ARTIST TRACK COUNTRY Joji...Read more..

A World in London 276 - New Global Music

DJ Ritu, Norman Druker, Sophie Darling, and Lucas Keen review the latest & best international CDs in this Diwali special, which includes albums by innovative producers Deep Forest & Gaudi, conscious Reggae giants Black Roots, and field recordings by someone called David Attenborough... Read more..

A World in London - 267 - Aimee Leonard

Bodhran & beyond with multi-faceted musician/singer and enigmatic educator, Aimée Leonard on this A World in London! Plus world cups of new music introduced by Norman Druker & DJ Ritu! Find all episodes of A World in London, and our definitive worldly gig guide at www.djritu.com Listen...Read more..

A World in London 266 - New CDs

Scorching hot new global CDs rounded up by Norman Druker & DJ Ritu on this A World in London!  Find all episodes of A World in London, and our definitive worldly gig guide at www.djritu.com Listen anytime,...Read more..

A World in London 265 - Eliza Shaddad

Exceptional & eloquent singer/songwriter Eliza Shaddad on this A World in London! Eliza Shaddad’s new single ‘My Body’ comes out this week, pointing to her fantastic debut album ‘Future’, which is scheduled for release in October. Aptly titled as Eliza’s own future beckons...Read more..

A World in London 264 - Bryde & Karima Francis

Superb singer/songwriters Bryde & Karima Francis on this A World in London! The Mayor of London’s new music month continues through June across our vibrant city, shining a light on female music-makers. Two artists supported by #SoundsLikeLondon dropped into our studio this week adding to...Read more..

AWIL 260 - Eugenia Georgieva

Queen bee of Bulgarian folk music, Eugenia Georgieva on this A World in London! Click here: https://soasradio.org/music/episodes/awil-260-eugenia-georgieva London’s premier & most eloquent ambassador for traditional Bulgarian vocal music, Eugenia Georgieva, has just released her...Read more..

AWIL 259 - Daemonia Nymphe

Fascinating Greek musical mythology with Daemonia Nymphe on this A World in London!  Spyros G. and Evi S. conceived the notion of their music project almost 25 years ago on the steps of Athens’ Parthenon, inspired by its classical grandeur and gateway to the Greek gods. Since then Daemonia...Read more..

AWIL 258 - Branco Stoysin

Sunlit guitar compositions with Branco Stoysin on this A World in London!  Branco Stoysin unveiled his wonderful new studio album on this AWIL, marking the 20th anniversary of his label, Sun Recordings. Titled ‘Above the Clouds’, the CD features ten tracks each with an individual story...Read more..

AWIL 253 - Lucie Caswell

Tips & tricks for musicians by Lucie Caswell from The FAC on this A World in London! Click here: https://soasradio.org/music/episodes/awil-253-lucie-caswell There’s no business like show business, and for many musicians this now means developing new skills in promotion, CD distribution,...Read more..

AWIL 252 - Blood Tub Orchestra

Musician/Producer Tim Whelan introduces The Blood Tub Orchestra on this A World in London!  Tim Whelan is one of the gifted brains behind super fusionistic band Transglobal Underground but you’ll find his musical fingers in many pies. His latest project is called The Blood Tub Orchestra and...Read more..

AWIL 251 - Amanda Noar

Impact Theatre Company director Amanda Noar on this A World in London! For International Women’s Week we spoke with one of the most talented creatives working in our city. Amanda Noar has had a glittering career in dance, television, and stage, and now she leads the Impact Theatre...Read more..

A World In London 250 - Afla Sackey!

Percussion maestro & exceptional music-maker, Afla Sackey dropped in to this A World in London!  Afla will be performing with his super band Afrik Bawantu at The Empire Bar in Hackney THIS Saturday February 24th and is set to dazzle Mare Street with the finest & funkiest mash-up of...Read more..

AWIL 248 - Trip Around The Globe!

A trip around the globe with the freshest new international CDs on this A World in London! Listen in anytime, anyplace with Sophie Darling, Norman Druker, and DJ...Read more..

A World in London 247

Percussion queen, Elizabeth Nott on this A World in London! Click here: https://soasradio.org/music/episodes/a-world-in-london-247-elizabeth-nott Talented Venezuelan musician Elizabeth Nott returned to AWIL with news about her forthcoming Middle Eastern drum workshops! Find out more...Read more..

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