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Loosely based on synesthesia, this show explores music’s relationship to the colours of our daily lives through varying lens’ of emotion. Dress code: Casual.

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Sound & Colour: Standing in the SunFri, 2021-03-05 13:51

A selection of songs to bridge the last cold and grey weeks before the beginning of spring and hopefully find their way... See details

Sound & Colour: Guesting w/ Yara EidSat, 2021-01-16 15:57

Guest host Yara Eid takes us through some tracks from her childhood in Gaza, Palestine as well as some of her more... See details

Sound & Colour - Desktop SkylinesFri, 2020-10-16 12:15

Inspired by the seemingly endless screentime of online classes. 'Desktop Skylines' is a mix of electronic tracks,... See details

Roast & Ground Mix // Strength No.4Mon, 2020-09-28 13:16

A rich, full bodied bassy mix with powerful vocal aromas, hints of ripened rhythms with a light sent of... See details

Sound & Colour Episode 5.5: Astral TravelingMon, 2020-05-18 09:44

In this follow-up episode on the space theme, we explore music evoking contemplative spaciousness. Expect spiritual... See details

Sound & Colour Ep 5: Music in SpaceFri, 2020-05-08 15:28

To escape the boredom at home during the lockdown, Paolo invites you to a musical journey through the cosmos. Expect an... See details

Sound & Colour Ep 4.5: A Future CreatorFri, 2020-05-01 16:50

In this unique episode, expect new releases interspersed by conversation with a guest musician on creating music during... See details

Sound & Colour Ep 4.0: It's Not All BadWed, 2020-04-22 23:59

In an attepmt to prove that it's not all doom and gloom, Matt takes you through some hot new releases. Expect a range... See details

Sound & Colour Ep 3.5: Lilac OrchidsSat, 2020-03-21 11:43

A mixtape continuation of Ep 3 devoted to International Women's Day 2020. The official colour of IWD, purple, has been... See details

Sound & Colour Ep 3: Heliotropics (International Women's Day)Sun, 2020-03-08 20:53

An episode devoted to purple - the official colour of International Women's Day 2020. Expect inspiring, genre defining... See details

Sound & Colour Ep 2.5: UltramarineThu, 2020-02-27 18:15

Join our relaxed ascent into the ultramarine with this layed back mixtape of tracks that didn't quite make it onto... See details

Sound & Colour Ep 2: Shades of MidnightFri, 2020-02-07 17:17

Join us on a journey into the ultramarine. This episode explores the sounds of midnight and the accompanying thoughts... See details

Sound & Colour Ep 1.5: Breakfast in RedFri, 2020-01-31 14:15

A fast paced mixtape of confidence: A continuation of episode 1, crimison... See details

Sound & Colour Ep 1: Crimson WatermelonsMon, 2020-01-27 11:58

The Sound & Colour exploration begins with confidence and crimson watermelons. In this first episode, expect some... See details