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Radio Gumbo:

Radio Gumbo is a musical stew made with a melange of music from the tunefully diverse state of Louisiana, USA and surrounding areas. Now being served on SOAS Radio by musician and DJ Ben Joseph.

(Serves: millions)

8 tablespoons of funk roots

2 kg. of jazz stock

7 bay leaves

9 cups of Cajun and Creole Zydeco

504 grams of hip hop

12 ounces of rhythm & blues

3 teaspoons of bounce

& copious amounts of brass bands…


Tune into SOAS Radio!

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  • 2017

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Radio Gumbo "Alabama"Fri, 2017-07-21 16:16

The second episode of Radio Gumbo showcases music from Alabama in the 21st century. See details

Radio Gumbo Episode 1 "The Meters"Wed, 2017-04-05 17:17

Pilot show of Radio Gumbo. Musician and DJ, Ben Joseph, plays varying genres of music from Louisiana with a focus on... See details