Pieces of Peace

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With various communication and broadcasting methods connecting us to all edges of our planet, and feeding us with a constant, never-ending river of information; I have noticed that the content of what comes from these channels have been becoming more and more negative. This is no one’s fault other than those who are the makers of such bad news. However we can tackle it in our own way, and this is my way of doing so.

This is therefore an hour of positivity and peace to combat the ruckus and chaos going on in the global news, and in our daily lives; exploring genres that encompass this idea. The purpose of this show is to provide us with peace of mind (because what can do that better than music) and to throw some positive energy out into the world. Enjoy x

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  • 2018

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  • pop

  • Rock

  • Samba

  • Brazil

  • Brazilian

  • Hip Hop

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  • rap

  • Brazilian Music Beyond The Clich

  • roots

  • forro

  • Rio 2016

  • RnB

  • World

  • Rio 2014

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  • 80s

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  • Recife

  • brasil

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  • new wave

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  • Pernambuco

  • percussion

  • coco

  • murat

  • Music

  • radyo babylon

  • choro

  • radyo

  • sun

  • Murat Meri

  • Carnival

  • anadolu pop

  • surf

  • electro

  • Turkey

  • Summer

  • beach

  • harvey

  • anatolian pop

  • saquarema

  • Mdc Suingue

  • radyobabylon

  • bruce

  • Funk

  • Southeast Asia

  • Japanese Electronic

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