I've Got My Period

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why talk about menstruating? why not?
doesn't having the freedom of expression entail that we can express our struggles, discomfort, excitement and joy about whatever we wish?

our periods are regular visitors and a vital part of our daily life.

imagine you’re blessed by a visit from your aunti every month. she makes you laugh, cry, bakes you cake and overfeeds you and makes you feel sick, loved and sometimes like s@#%.. every single month... now we think these visits need to be talked about.

talking about it is one thing, but there’s a whole spectrum of emotions that we go through while we’re on our periods that words just fail to express! music however lets us convey this time of emotional chaos.

we feel like it’s time to open a dialogue! by speaking about our periods we strive to open a discussion about a range of taboo topics concerning our physical and mental health. we’re sick of societal pressure perpetuating the shame we feel about our bodies! it's not like we choose to bleed! It’s a natural, self-cleansing and reproductive function of our bodies!

this show is both a celebration of our blood & a battle to emancipate the body & mind!

follow us as we bleed on your newsfeed!

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I've Got My Period EP01Fri, 2017-11-17 18:54

the theme of our pilot show is emancipation. we’re all well aware of all the more weakening factors related to having... See details