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CONTENT WARNING: May be some ridiculous, possible rude and explicit - spit balling.

Welcome to the Chat Shit Show with Sophie Darling.
Each episode Sophie invites a pal into the studio to share tunes from a mutual taste. In between introducing the song, there shall be from conviviality, frivolity and hilarity.

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  • 2018

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Chat Shit Show: Portsmouth Big-Up Special with AmyTue, 2018-12-04 19:56

PORTSMOUTH SPECIAL: Put down your hats and settle in, because Sophie and Amy explore the musical treasure chest that is... See details

Chattin Shi* Show Pilot: Funky TunesTue, 2018-11-13 20:22

In this pilot we meet: Maurice - a high-haired musician hailing from Ireland via London... and Sophie a happy hippi gal... See details