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Ambient music to create spaces within ur mind to abet creativity, which become like a protective wallpaper (as Brian Eno put it) allowing you to zone out to zone in. Each mix is disparate drawing on the deep well of music that can be termed ‘ambient’.

A Charkha is the simple spinning wheel championed by Gandhi; as a symbol it still has a power to reflect an independence (for nation and for self) to (((spin))) disparate ideas within the post-truth age. As Gandhi wrote, ‘we will never all think alike and we shall always see truth in fragments and from different angles of vision’. No fix, just bliss.

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Charkha Discs 1: RosewaterMon, 2019-10-07 16:14

Soft spiritual + hopeful sounds. Meandering long-form bliss from K. Leimer and Stars of the Lid  meets Hindustani... See details