A Brief History of UK Dance Music

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For an outsider UK dance culture can at times seem fascinatingly obscure, anomalous and perplexing- and on the most part quite unexplained. This 5 part podcast series will take you through the history of UK dance music, tune by tune, dictating the evolution of underground sounds that you often hear in London clubs today. Each week will feature a special guest who will helping out on the 1s&2s and giving you some insights.
Starting off in the late 1980s, the first episode will look at the Acid House/ Hardcore revolution, which fundamentally transformed the way people understood dance music in the UK. The new ‘rave’ culture that emerged laid the foundations for two new breakaway genres which dominated the UK scene in 1990s; Jungle (and later drum ’n’ bass), and UK Garage, which will be the focus for the following two shows. At the turn of the millennia the UK Garage scene started to wane in popularity and many new offshoot genres emerged. Bassline music, which will be looked at in episode 4, was the North’s solution. In London two new heavy weight genres took to the stage: Grime and Dubstep, which will combine for the final episode. Both these genres are still doing work in the UK scene today, and the final episode will encapsulate at least some of the new sounds that are emerging, and keeping the UK dance scene one of the most vibrant in the world.

By Jacob Burden

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  • 2018

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