A World in London Episode 69 Fri, 2013-01-18 17:16

Ablaye Mbaye /Sunu Rew / Senegal
Sexy Fi / Roriz Zoio / Brazil
Eliyahu Sills /Repose / USA
AmeAfrica /Molo / Ecuador/Sth Africa
The Creole Choir of Cuba /Tripot / Cuba
Bishwo Shahi /Realisation / Nepal/UK
Chango Spasiuk /Tierra Colorada / Argentina
Liz Chi Yen Liew /Loss / UK/China/Singapore
London Lucumi Choir / Barasuwayo / UK/Cuba
? ? / Yeye Rugan / ? ?
? ? /Solo Mi Arte / ? ?

New music for the New Year and the glorious voices of The London Lucumi Choir! Eight members of this superb London group sang in perfect harmony on AWIL 69, covering Yoruba songs that have travelled from West Africa to Cuba, and back to the UK via arranger & choir founder, Daniela De Armas. Catch the London Lucumi Choir in full force at Rich Mix, Bethnal Green, this Friday, January 18th!