A World in London Episode 65 Fri, 2012-11-30 17:31

Singer Jan Ponsford is one of our living Jazz greats. She features in the Penguin Who?s Who of Jazz as well as the Virgin Encyclopaedia of Jazz. Her career spans 30 years incorporating her skills as a vocalist, lyricist, composer, educator, and painter. Hear Jan?s exquisite voice and unique talents on this A World In London, plus tracks from some of her amazing albums. Find out more at janponsford.com!

Sergio Rivero/ Pabre Lola / Cuba
Sister Fa/ Amy Jotna / Senegal
Shivali / Gayatri Mantra /UK/India
Ceumar / Girias Do Morte /Brazil
Lucas Santtana/ O Paladino E Seu / Brazil
Murat Coskun/ Frames & Drums/ Turkey
The Unthanks/ Black Trade / UK
Juaneco Y Su Combo /La Cumbia Del Pacurro /Peru
Jan Ponsford /Agua De Beber / UK
? ? /Prejudice Groove/? ?
? ? / Nine Lives / ? ?