A World in London Episode 64 Fri, 2012-11-23 19:29

Pioneering singer Shivali has carved out a unique new style of music, made in London & rooted in spirituality . Basement bhajans & mantras enriched by soulful, melodic production, revealing a vocalist with the sweetest voice. Her fantastic debut album, The Bhajan Project, came out in 2010 on major label Sony, capturing many hearts. Hear extracts from her forthcoming CD, Urban Temple, on this A World In London!

Sekouba Bambino Moya Kankoun Guinea
Lokhi Terra Bhromor Koiyo Bangladesh/UK
Aziza Brahim Wilaya Blues Sahara
Monoswezi Hondo Mozambique/Zim/Norway
John Forte The Price To Be Paid USA/Russia
Alina Orlova Lihoradka Russia
Orchestra Baobab Ami Kita Bay Senegal
Ceumar Achou Brazil
Shivali Vaishnavo Janato UK/India
? ? Gayatri Mantra ? ?
? ? Shivoham ? ?