A World in London - Episode 58 Fri, 2012-10-05 13:15

Gifted Syrian kanun player Maya Youssef appeared on this A World In London. Discussing her travels through music, teaching, and performing, Maya shared an exclusive preview of one of her first compositions, scheduled for release within her debut album next year. See her live on the SOAS Stage at Bloomsbury Festival Oct 21st!

ARTIST // TRACK // Country
Terakaft // Tirera // Mali
Klezmafobia // Noodle, Strudl, Tankele // Denmark
Tribali // Language of God // Malta
Staff Benda Bilili // Osali Mabe // DR Congo
Watcha Clan // Im Nin?Alu // France
Mari Boine // Gulan Du // Norway
Circle of Sound // Footprints // India, Germany, UK
Maya Youssef // Coastlines // India, Germany, UK
Maya Youssef // Touta // Syria