A World in London - Episode 52 Fri, 2012-07-13 02:44

Three women and a baby..almost! The brilliant Perunika Trio returned to A World In London minus Jasmina Stosic but armed with Eugenia Georgieva?s five month-old baby Sylvia! The other ?new arrival? was the trio?s fantastic new CD, made in Japan and sung in Japanese plus native tongue. ?Bulgarian Warabeuta? boasts the best voices-Eugenia/Desislava/Jasmina- in perfect harmony and co-incidentally is themed around motherhood and nursery rhymes. Perunika Trio revealed that they have yet another album on the way through the A.R.C. label so there?s even more to look forward to in October!

Zani Diabate // Nikoyi // Mali
Dona Rosa // Sou Luz // Portugal
Los Desterrados // Chelsea // UK
Wu Man & various // Woy Bala // China/Central Asia
Tiger Blossom // Brishtir Pani // UK/Bangladesh
Dogan Mehmet // Uskudar // UK/Cyprus
Tinariwen // Amous Idraout.. // Mali
Perunika Trio // Sakura // UK/Bulgaria
Perunika Trio // Zui Zui // UK/Bulgaria
Perunika Trio // Okaasan // UK/Bulgaria
Perunika Trio // Edo Komoriuta // UK/Bulgaria