A World in London - Episode 47 Sat, 2012-06-09 03:00

Trained in Indian classical music, Jon Sterckx employs live multitrack sampling and audio processing to create magnificent percussive soundscapes. Each composition by Jon provides a unique journey through all quarters of the world built around his inter-continental range of drums: tablas, riq, darabuka, vocal percussion, and much more! Sample his excellent debut CD, ?Drumscapes?, on this A World In London!

David Alavrez // Espejismo // Cuba
Juwon Ogungbe // A Taste of Pepper // UK/Nigeria
Kristi Stassinopoulou // Mes Tou Aegeou Ta Nera// Greece
Mariem Hassan // Rahy El Aaiun Egdat// Western Sahara
The Skatalites // Desert Ska // Jamaica
Claes Ottelid // Halling Fran Nedre Ullerud // Sweden
Ba Cissoko // N?Tenlebidje // Guinea
Jon Sterckx // Dhaginatak // UK
Jon Sterckx // Undercurrent // UK