A World in London - Episode 44 Fri, 2012-05-18 14:38

Two major talents in the form of Sarah Gillespie and Gilad Atzmon came together on this A World In London. Sarah?s powerful lyrics and contagious ironic humour are delivered through her pristine & glorious jazz voice. Partnered by iconic composer Gilad Atzmon, a dash of Arabic strings, lashings of rock guitar, and oodles of eclecticism are added to her beat poetry in albums like ?Stalking Juliet? and ?In The Current Climate?. While Gillespie?s acclaimed narrative, ?War On Trevor?, recently showcased at Ronnie Scott?s, marks her out surely as the natural successor to Ian Dury!

Apache Indian // No Problem // UK/India
Guy Schalom // Zay El Hawa // UK/Egypt
Ben Zabo // Wari Vo // Mali
Sarazino // Quiero // Ecuador/Algeria
Djanan Turan // Kader Oyunu // UK/Turkey
Boban & Marko Markovic // Khelipe E Cheasa // Serbia
Jagwa Music // Dunia Watu // Tanzania
Sarah Gillespie & Gilad Atzmon// Big Mistake // UK/USA/Israel
Sarah Gillespie & Gilad Atzmon // The Shami Chakrabarti Blues // UK/USA/Israel
Sarah Gillespie & Gilad Atzmon // Nova Scotia // UK/USA/Israel