A World in London - Episode 39 Fri, 2012-04-13 17:35

Heidi Vogel, lead singer with The Cinematic Orchestra, debuted on A World In London today. They say that some people are simply born to sing and this North London woman is one of the chosen few. Heidi?s husky voice soothes while her vocal range excites, formulated on a journey through Acid Jazz, Cirque Du Soleil, and now in perfect harmony with Brazilian singer/composer/guitarist Josue Ferreira. Listen out for their individual solo albums, and await the release of Heidi?s ?Lagrimas De Um Passaro? on leading Bossa Nova label, Far Out Recordings. See them live at Mau Mau, Portobello Road this Saturday, April 14th


https://soasradio.org/content/world-london-episode-39   11/4/12  Heidi Vogel


ARTIST                                  TRACK                   COUNTRY

Lara Bello                             Zahra                     Spain

Klezmafour                         Urke                      Poland

Sakaki Mango                    A Fly On Russia                  Japan

Los Immortalles                La Pollera Colora               Colombia

Nandini Shrikar                 Dil Mera Muftka               India

John Sterckx                      Tongue Twister                 UK

Baildsa                                  Baildsa                                  Greece

Eduardo Niebla        Saber Caminar Con Mi Soledad           Spain/UK

Heidi Vogel & Josue Ferreira       As Praias Desertas           UK/Brazil

?               ?                                               Copacabana                       ?               ?

?               ?                                               Depois Do Carnaval         ?               ?

?               ?                                               Medo De Amar                 ?               ?