A World in London - Episode 31 Fri, 2012-02-17 14:37

Guy Schalom brought his percussive skills to AWIL in this episode. The
London based dancer & composer also treated us to an exclusive preview of
his forthcoming album, Baladi Blues 3 which is set for release on May 21st.
A pop fan and musical chameleon, Guy enjoyed our closing track in this show
paying tribute to superstar Whitney Houston.

Fnaire feat. Salah Edin – Sah Raoui – Morocco
Las Chicas Del Tango – Oye – Finland
Edzayawa – Darkness – Ghana
Guy Schalom – Sawah – UK
Guy Schalom – Ala Rimsh Ayouna – UK
Guy Schalom – Frelekhs/Breaza – UK
Guy Schalom – Il Helwa Di – UK
Whitney Houston – Where You Are – USA