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A World in London 186 Fri, 2016-05-27 13:49

Distinctive and evocative singer-songwriter Reem Kelani on this A World In London!

Much to our joy, Reem Kelani has just released her first new album after ten years. Live At The Tabernacle is the superb successor to her 2006 debut, Sprinting Gazelle, recorded at the prime Notting Hill venue in 2012, and translating Reem?s powerhouse stage presence to CD . Each song is sung with her entire body, from the tips of her toes through to her lips. The depth of tones in her voice echo the depth of feelings submerged in lyrics drawn from the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan & Palestine. Profoundly versatile as a singer, Reem sprints (gazelle-like) across a range of emotions employing her raw edged powers in protest songs and sweet soothing vocals for the lullabies. Only the finest musicians are qualified to partake in the highly-skilled game of Arabic call & response, and Jazz improvisation, so Live At the Tabernacle also features artists like oud maestro Tamer Abu Ghazaleh and pianist Bruno Heinen. Reem is a natural & driven communicator, both in song & conversation. She comes loaded with worldly wisdom, a wealth of anecdotes from her global travels as a human rights champion, performer & broadcaster, and she brims with indefatigable energy and an invincible memory! As Reem?s repertoire pangs at our conscience we receive an essential reminder that 70 years on after the Second World War, 85% of Palestinians are still stateless, dispersed, or ghettoed in occupied territories. Plus, a timely account of what it truly means to be exiled from one?s homeland, and the lessons of history from which mankind never seems to learn.

See Reem Kelani in concert this Saturday May 28th at Rough Trade in Portobello Road and find out more about her music from


Hossam Ramzy – Sabla Tolo IV
Brickwork Lizards – Uska Dara
Ana Alcaide – Tlalli
Nikki Yeoh – Six As 1
Le Trio Joubran – Masir
Reem Kelani – Sprinting Gazelle
? ? – Galilean Lullaby
? ? – The Porters? Anthem
? ? – The Ship Sounded Its Horn