Under-K - Episode 6 Thu, 2016-07-21 12:00

I felt in a nostalgic mood so enjoy Episode 6’s Throwback Theme; where I introduce you to a couple of my favourite songs from years gone by.

1.I Feel – Suran (수란)
2.Her – WHOwho (후후)
3.Spin Spin (돌아버려) – Zion T
4.Fire – Crucial Star
5.나 요즘 (Lately I) – Saero feat Ent (앤트)
6.Alone (홀로) – Jung Key feat. Kim Nayoung(김나영)
7.좋은일이 있을거야 – J Rabbit
8.Check It Out – D.Action
9.Summer Time (자리비움) – 다이나믹듀오 (Dynamic Duo)
10.너의 몸에 벤 (On Your Body) – Ven feat Beenzino
11.For The Night(오늘같은 날) – As One(애즈원)
12.ViVid – 글렌체크(Glen Check)
13.Movements – The Solutions (솔루션스)
14.싹(All) – BASTERD ( 바스터드 )