Under-K - Episode 5 Thu, 2016-07-14 12:00

Stop number 5 on the K Underground. Join me for some soothing RnB, some fun Folk and some kick ass Hip Hop. No ticket required.

1.syncope – Astronuts (아스트로너츠)
2.F.W.B (Friends with Benefits) – ELO (엘로) Feat. Hoody
3.Dive – Ashmute (애쉬뮤트)
4.Love Traveler – yTearliner
5.모험을 가장한 데이트 – Hoochus(후추스)
6.God Bless – Live (라이브) feat. Punchnello
7.야, 너 (Yah, Nuh) – Flowsik (플로우식)
8.니가 알던 내가 아냐 – 사이먼 도미닉 (Simon Dominic), 원 (ONE), 지투 (G2), BewhY
9.무궁화 – 매드 클라운 (Mad Clown), 도넛맨 (Donutman), 보이비 (Boi B), 샵건 (#Gun)
10.쿵 (Knock) – Zion.T
11.싶은데 – Ra.D
12.니가 참 좋아 (I Really Like You) – 10cm (십센치)
13.Time 2 Love – The Barberettes (바버렛츠) feat Marty Friedman
14.Adduddu (아뜨뜨) – Hexagonal Water(육각수)