Under-K Episode 13 Wed, 2016-12-21 15:02

Here it is episode 13.
This is not necessarily goodbye but it is the end of season 1.
Enjoy enjoy enjoy and a Merry Christmas.


Autumn Breeze – Jida Feat. Rachel Lim
BEAUTIFUL –  The Solutions (솔루션스) feat Kei (of Lovelyz)
If U love me – Acourve (어쿠루브)
Like I Do – The Barberettes
길어야 5분 – 10cm
더워도 스윗 – ESnote Feat. 송희란 (Song Hee Ran)
마음정원 – lalasweet (랄라스윗
석양- Pleyn (플레인) Feat. 스텔라장
습관적 아이러니 – Nell
시무룩해 – Peterpan Complex
종이배 (Paper Boat))– Hlin (홀린)
Trip – 하현곤 팩토리 (Hahyungson Factory) Feat. 김태현 of DICKPUNKS)
안녕 – Monni
사이 – Lucia With 소수빈