Tokyo Soundscape Episode 18 Fri, 2012-08-03 13:12

Yokai-name checking Boogie Woogie? Japanese ?Britpop?? A Shibuya-kei tribute to Paul Scholes? It can only mean there?s a new episode of Tokyo Soundscape in town, and this time we?ve got a wide selection of tunes spanning some sixty years in some sixty minutes. It?s more fun than time travel, and you won?t accidentally wipe out the future of mankind in the process.

Tomoyasu Hotei ? DECALOGUE

Taffy – =3

Turntable Films ? Ghost Dance

PaperBagLunchbox ? akeboshi

Boris ? Spoon

Hosome ? Be Against The Daily

Sonic Coaster Pop ? Socopogogo

YUKARI FRESH ? Paul Scholes

Hifana, Mikeo Hirota -??????? (90 Warped Remix)

Hibari Misora ? Kappa Boogie Woogie

iLL – Kiss

Flower Travellin? Band ? House of the Rising Sun