The MOGA Highlife Half-Hour 5 Wed, 2017-08-16 11:10

This is a special hour-long HHH to mark my departure to Brazil. The show features bands from Nigeria and Ghana- the two most prolific countries in terms of Highlife music.. Most of these tracks are super rare and not all can be found on the internet! I hope you enjoy.


1. Sir Waziri Oshomah – Lyuchele Opumumhe
2. Etubom Rex Willliams- Juliana
3. City Style Band of Ghana- Edon Happen

4. The Riches Big Band- Ensuah Nzema Kotoko

5. Unknown artist- Krow Krow
6. Ali Chukuwuma- Isu Bu Egwu
7. Atakora Manu & His Sound Engineers Band- Bre Bre Na Eye
8. Thomas Frempong- Sansakroma
9.  Noble Adu Kwasi- Oreko