THE BLEAK CHIC SHOW EP15 Tue, 2018-01-23 19:03

15 is a good number. Bleak Chic is back again with some rap from Beirut and the necessary riotgrrl that all shows should come with. Be warned… this episode contains lots of angry people from New York.

Suzi Wu – Teenage Witch
Skinned Teen – Ex-Boyfriend Beat
El Rass – Storm in a Teacup feat. Munma
Skeem – Lo Ma feat. Shallow Shaq
CZARFACE – Czar Refaeli feat. Oh No of Gangrene
Isaiah Rashad – Free Lunch
THICK – Girlie
Skinny Girl Diet – Okay
Chastity Belt – Black Sail
Black Time – Contract
Tree – Probably Nu It
Myka 9 – Creeper feat. Factor Chandelier
Joseph Chilliams – Buck
JunglePussy – Picky Bitch Checklist
LadyLeshur – The Queen’s Speech 7
Sammus – Levitating
WWWater- WWWater