Technically Classical Episode 3: Raymond Scott Tue, 2011-05-31 18:17

This episode takes a brief departure from classical music to look at the composer and inventor, Raymond Scott. Although his background lay in jazz and swing, Raymond Scott was a brilliant sound engineer and invented countless devices and electronic instruments that are used by all genres today. He was a pioneer of contemporary electronic music with influence on key figures such as Robert Moog. In fact, many of his scores, jingles and sound effects have subliminally found their way into popular culture; although few will know his name. Here we teamed up with Houdini?s Picnic to present a short podcast focusing on his instruments and recording process. We hope you enjoy.

For more information please see The Raymond Scott Archives ( and the documentary ‘Deconstructing Dad’ (

Don?t Beat Your Wife, Commercial for Wrigley’s Chewing Gum
Bendix: The Tomorrow People, Commercial for Bendix
Raymond Scott Demonstrates Circle Machine, Auto-Lite Commercial
The Paperwork Explosion, Commercial for IBM
Cindy Electronium

Bedding Tracks:
Careful Conversation at a Diplomatic Function, The Raymond Scott Quintette
Baltimore Gas & Electric Co, Raymond Scott
Lightworks Commercial
B.C. 1675, Raymond Scott
The Rhythm Modulator, Raymond Scott
The Wild Piece, Raymond Scott
Powerhouse, The Raymond Scott Quintette
Naked City, The Raymond Scott Quintette