Technically Classical Episode 2: Varese Fri, 2011-03-18 15:46

Edgard Varese was a classical composer of few pieces but high ambition. Born in France in 1883, he had a turbulent relationship with the musical establishment. In truth, Varese did not fashion himself a composer but a worker in frequencies, rhythms, and intensities; and as such, he drew inspiration from many sources. His few completed works utilized electronic instruments such as the theremin and ondes Martenot to introduce new sounds and a novel approach to composition. In addition, Varese established the International Composers? Guild alongside Carlos Salzedo. The work of Edgard Varese may be challenging but his influence is indelible, and can be seen in the works of Karlheinz Stockhausen, Olivier Messiaen, John Cage, and Frank Zappa.


La procession des verges
The third electronic interpolation of Deserts
Poeme Electronique

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