Sudanese Sessions 4# حرية سلمية وعدالة Freedom, Peace and Justice... the protests continue. Wed, 2019-02-06 19:18

The protest continues in Sudan and, no matter what the future brings, it seems that Omar al-Bashir will never be able to return as the leader of his thirty-year-old regime. But how does this protest compare to Sudan’s previous protests in 2013 and how has music been used to spread the message of uprising?
Continuing on from the last podcast, Amy interviews Abdulraheem – an activist who has spent most of his life in Sudan. Together they discuss how the younger generation, social-media, the west, and of course music, have played a part mobilising movements. In-between discussion, they listen to protest songs – old and new, from Mohammad Wardi to Rap – that were kindly sent in by activists Suliman Baldo and Amira Osman.
If you know of any songs that we could add to this podcast or you are an activist, musician, writer, thinker, protester, and you would like to be hosted on the next Sudanese Sessions, please contact
1 – Protest song performed at a wedding in Sudan. Shared on social media and sent in by Dr Suliman Baldo.
2 – Moe – Dafolk Kam. Chosen by Adbulraheem.
3 – Down with the Islamist government; we want justice, peace and freedom – Rapper Aziz, Memri TV. Sent in by Dr Suliman Baldo
4 –  Childrens chant “the power of Bashir is a corrupt power” and dance shared on social media and sent in by Dr Suliman Baldo.
5 – Song over Sufi original. Shared on social media and sent in by Dr Suliman Baldo.
6 – Ana Afreiqi ana Sudani – Ibrahim Alkashif. Sent in by Amira Osman
7- Ana Afreiqi – The Coral, Music and Drama college of Khartoum. Sent in by Dr Suliman Baldo
8 – Al Mumbo Sudani – Sayed Khalif. Sent in by Amira Osman
9 – Ya Sha3b – Mohammad Wardi – Sent in by Amira Osman
10 – Al Sha3b Al Sudani – Mohamad Abdul Rahman – Chosen by Abdulraheem
11- For the Martyrs – Mayada Mohammad Al Hassan – Sent in by Dr Suliman Baldo.
12 – Agricultural Revolution – Kamal Keila. Chosen by producer Sophie and Amy.
Presented By: Amy Thompson
Produced / Edited by: Sophie Darling
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