Stop Making Sense 40 Wed, 2011-03-23 16:50

Act your age… so its time for an early midlife crisis for the SMS show. But instead of roaring down the Kings Road on a Harley with a pony tail and an inappropriately young girlfriend, we shall instead trailblaze a heap of new music. Including a fantastic edit of a mix by DJ Nadia Ksaiba from The Dalston Superstore who will be joining us in Croatia this summer. You can hear the whole mix right here: . Thats how we roll, er, kids…

Owing Sigoma Band “Wire” (Theo Parrish Remix)
Trentemoller “Blue Hotel”
Joana & The Wolf “Hide Me”
Daniel Haaksman “Copabanana”
DJ T “Same Plane”
Ruby & The Vines “Circles”
The Gentlemen “Soriso Selkagem”
The Zizaniques “Walk Up That Hill”
Louis Jordan “Run Joe”
Dub Colussus “Uptown Top Ranking”
***SMS 2011 Mix: DJ Nadia Ksaiba (Dalston Superstore)***