Stop Making Sense 33 Fri, 2010-12-17 13:28

Presenting your 33rd music radio show feels like a bit of a landmark… I suppose next milestone will be 45 … and then 78? The relevance is probably lost on anyone under 25…
This week we bounce across time and space, just playing GOOD music from all corners of the globe. And definitely all on a dance tip. RIVA STARR from Italy, REI DO PALHETINHO from Angola, ARICIA MESS from Brazil, MAGIC SYSTEM from Ivory Coast, ROBERTO ROENA from Puerto Rico, JAH WOBBLE on a North African tack, and SPECTRAL DISPLAY we are not quite sure from where + some homegrown for good measure: Brixton soul rastas CYMANDE, East London Cubanophiles WARA, SNORETEX from the current centre of the known Universe (Dalston)… and a Balearic beach bar bonanza mix from SLUTTY FRINGE from the SMS Festival. Come we go.

RIVA STARR ” Once Upon A Time In Naples”
ARICIA MESS ” Bate Folha”
WARA ” 7am” (Buttress Root Drumming Remix)
SNORETEX ” Strange Aeons”
MAGIC SYSTEM “Petit Pompier”
SPECIAL DISPLAY ” It Takes A Muscle To Fall In Love”
ROBERTO ROENA ” Parece Mentira”
CYMANDE “Its Magic”
JAH WOBBLE “Port Said”