On the Stage - Music of the Caucasus Wed, 2014-11-05 21:21

Music of the Caucasus – On the Stage.

Live recording of Ashiq Nargile and Tabuni from the Concert Series on the 20th October.

Born in Tbilisi, Georgia, Nargile Mehtiyeva (aka Asiq Nargile) has been playing saz (long-neck lute) and singing since the age of 15. A powerful solo performer, her singing is full of deep vocal expression and interspersed with bursts of virtuosic, highly ornamented saz. She is equally comfortable performing moving laments or upbeat folk dances. She is currently the only female a?iq living and performing in the ethnic Azeri region of Georgia, and has been teaching the art to new generations.

Tabuni is a London-based ensemble of women with a passion for the traditional songs of Georgia. Led by Tamta Turmanidze, the group sings songs for celebrating, worship and mourning, along with lullabies and healing songs.