Southern Cone Quintet (SOAS Concert Series) - 04/11/2016 Fri, 2016-11-11 16:18

Sounds & inspirations from Argentina, Uruguay & Chile.

Southern Cone Quintet takes its name from the geographical area of the same name, embracing the countries of Uruguay, Argentina and Chile. The area is brimming with diverse musical traditions, with popular music genres like tango, cueca, and candombe, as well as indigenous forms such as Mapuche music. It is from this rich terrain that the quintet draws its inspiration, rearranging pieces from a wide variety of sources: from 20th century composers like Astor Piazzolla and Violeta Parra, to traditional folk songs and ancient native chants.

Part of the SOAS Concert Series 2016/17 – the public face of music at SOAS

With an ever growing popularity and profile, our Concert Series has established itself as the place to go for some of the most interesting and varied multicultural music in London today, with consistent high quality and a great concert atmosphere guaranteed. And it’s all for free too!

Our season runs from October to May every year, and features 12 concerts.
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