Songs from Southeast Asia - Rock 'n' Roll in Indonesia Part II Sun, 2017-04-09 19:12

In the second part of our Rock ‘n’ Roll in Indonesia episode, we continue exploring the world of Indonesian Rock and Metal music. Also joining us in this episode is special guest, SOAS MA Ethnomusicology student from Yogyakarta, Resa Setodewo (Seto).

  1. Surti Tejo by Jamrud
  2. Bahas Bahasa by Barasuara
  3. On Vacation by Indische Party
  4. Radja by /rif
  5. Kau Pikir Kaulah Segalanya by Edane
  6. Terbang Tenggelam by Netral
  7. Blues Males by Slank
  8. Politika Hampa Etika by Speak Up
  9. Hijrah Ke London by The Changcuters
  10. Play Mahadewi (Goddess) by Padi
  11. Mati Muda by Kelompok Penerbang Roket

N.B. Some of our songs contain explicit lyrics