Songs from Southeast Asia - Rock 'n' Roll in Indonesia Part I Sun, 2017-04-09 18:29

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In this part 1 of our Rock ‘n’ Roll in Indonesia episode, we explore the world of Indonesian Rock and Metal music. Joining us in this episode is special guest, SOAS MA Ethnomusicology student from Yogyakarta, Resa Setodewo (Seto).

  1. Tubukhu Oritasku by Tika and the Dissidents
  2. Rolling Rock by Tielman Brothers
  3. Rumah Kita by God Bless
  4. Pelacur Tua by Duo Kribo
  5. Uang by Duo Kribo
  6. Kebyar Kebyar by Gombloh
  7. Anak Zaman by Setiawan Djody & Iwan Fals
  8. Anyam Anyaman Nyaman by Sujiwo Tejo
  9. Semoga Kau Dineraka by Endank Soekamti
  10. Sebelah Mata by Efek Rumah Kaca
  11. Puputan Badung by Triple X
  12. Mafia Hukum by Navicula

N.B. Some of our songs contain explicit lyrics